Identifiers and Situations

Behaviors/Situations you may experience before sexual assault could occur…

  • If the person makes you feel uncomfortable or forces you to do anything more benign or intimate than you want
  • They make you leave someplace you are not ready to leave
  • They put their hands on you without your consent or in a forceful manner
  • You are a victim of domestic abuse, which may lead to sexual assault
  • The perpetrator tries to make you take drugs or alcohol you don’t want, or may sneak it in your system
  • You are intoxicated and alone (especially as a young women)
    • In this case, be aware of your surroundings if you are going to be intoxicated, stay in a group
  • You are alone with someone you aren’t familiar with (also in unfamiliar surroundings)
  • It is more risky when meetings guys you talked to online, and it may not be safe in meetups when you don’t know their intentions
  • You stay in a situation where someone has made you feel threatened or uncomfortable
    • It is important to be in-tune with your “Spidey senses”, trust your gut, and under no obligation do anything you don’t want to or be polite

Behaviors you may notice in the perpetrator:

    • Aggression- short temper, becomes angry easily, snaps at you
    • If you caught them in lies, they threaten you, call you names or belittle you
    • Grooming (victims are younger/juvenile)
    • When you are out and a guy seems too good to be true- be weary and cautious