*All information gathered from Full Armor Krav Maga, located in Palm Bay, Florida

Disclaimer: viewers need to be aware of the legal ramifications of violence that may be needed to defend yourself. If you engage in self-defense or violence, these videos that are performed by experienced professionals are not responsible for the outcome as they are only a demonstration of possible scenarios.

Self-Defense Basics

  1. Situational Awareness
    • Mindset: Look at your environment in an alert perspective. Be a hard target by letting others around you know you are aware.
    • Preemptive: Be able to identify potential threats before they are in your space, or it’s too late.
    • Preparedness: Be able to act when it’s necessary, or escape. Be aware of exits.
    • Deescalate/Negotiate: Don’t escalate the conflict, diffuse the conflict. Determine what you can give the attacker within reasonable means so you can escape. Have a boundary that you will not cross, maintain your boundaries.
    • Play the Victim: Apart of de-escalation, if you play the victim you stand a better chance when you have to act in self-defense. Don’t have the attacker suspect that you can be a threat.
  2. It Takes Violence to Counter Violence
    • On and Off Switch: Determine that you will act with force once boundaries are crossed and they are attacking you. Be ready to respond with the appropriate amount of violence if you are in danger and want to save yourself.
  3. Damage, Damage, Damage
    • Destroy Soft Tissue Targets: Go for areas of the body that are easy to injure.
    • Big Bones Do Big Damage: Use elbows, palms, knees, legs.
    • Know Your Targets: Know where you can make the biggest damage to get away from the attacker.


  1. Eyes
  2. Nose
  3. Throat
  4. Solar Plexus
  5. Groin
  6. Knees

Demonstration Videos

The demonstrator is Anika, a level three associate instructor with Full Armor Krav Maga who has been training for two years. With her demonstrations, you can learn basic self-defense tools to escape an attacker.

1. Striking



Groin Kick

Push Kick

2.  Two-on-One Wrist Release

3. Front Choke Defense

4. Bear Hug Defense

5. Trap Buck & Roll

6. Wrist Pinned

7. Kicking Off