My project focuses on root causes that include a breakdown in family dynamics and in those around you.

The assailant is usually…

  • a person that is intimate with the victim and is known by them more familiarly like a relative
    • i.e. father, stepfather, uncle, grandfather, older brother, or even a female family member

In other cases, such as parties or places where people can meet, sexual assault may occur in the form of rape

  • in most cases the assailant will drug the victim or take advantage of them sexually when they are in a state of unclear judgment

Because sexual assault is so underreported, many victims are unable to seek the help they need, and the assailants are not stopped and continue to assault others.

When the act is for sexual gratification against the other person’s knowledge or will, whether it’s from commenting to touching to intercourse, then the person has most likely committed an offense and will repeat this pattern of behavior as it has a psychological root.

My goal is to educate others to hopefully prevent such events from occurring.